UV-Resin pigment Padico Jewel Color

Jewel Color is a pigment liquid for tinting UV resins.
12 available colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, cyan, blue, purple, brown, black and white.
The pigments can be used on their own or blended with other pigments.
Using the pigment to colour Padico UV transparent colored resins is fairly simple.
All you do is mix a drop of the pigment with the resin, and it perfectly imitates the look of tinted glass and jewelry stone after it is cured.
The bottle cap is designed to add the colour drop by drop without staining your hands.
This is a color sample using one drop with 2.4g resin.
*the exact color may vary based on browsers and monitor differences.
Clear Pink, Orange, Yellow, and Green fluorescent neon color can be blended with
other jewel colors to make your original color and to protect against a neon color fading.
Polarizating pearl change color tone of a pearl color itself, by bringing green and pink
pearl gloss. The pearl color can be mixed with other jewel colors.

in flesjes van 10ml